all my source code was originally written on mac in the late 90's early aughts. 
(of course more written since, but using same source file text encoding)

it's a monumental project, with localizations in about over half a dozen 

all the source code, and therefore the in-line strings are "MacRoman" text 
encoding: strings have curly quotes, and ellipsis, and who knows what else 
non-ascii characters

this worked just fine up 'till Qt 5, the windows compiler would would just 
swallow the MacRoman strings and they would show up in the ui, properly 
localized (i use my own localization subsystem)

but with Qt6, the msdev compiler chokes on all my non-ascii strings.

come to find out Qt6 is passing "/source-charset:utf-8" to the compiler.
how did i find out? 

cuz i tried to explicitly pass "/source-charset:.10000" in my .pro file, like 

> QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += /source-charset:.10000

but then i get an error saying this:
> cl : Command line error D8016 : '/source-charset:.10000' and '/utf-8' 
> command-line options are incompatible

so what gives? has qt6 taken away my right to decide the encoding of my own 

i have THOUSANDS of files. and if i change the strings, that is a very big cost 
relating to re-translating them for localization.

and no, before you suggest it, i can't convert the sources to utf8 encoding 
either, cuz that would break a lot of other stuff.

how do i fix this?

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