does anyone have any idea about this? please?

> On Jul 9, 2021, at 12:38 PM, David M. Cotter <> wrote:
>> Please note that you can choose to use a different source character set, but 
>> since Qt 5.0, the 8-bit strings passed to QString must be UTF-8. This is not 
>> configurable any more, like it used to be.
> yes, i'm not constructing any QStrings using the file encoding. all my 
> strings are handled internally (converted from MacRoman to utf16), and only 
> sent to QString when i need that at the very edge of a GUI API.  at that time 
> they are converted from my internal rep (utf16) to utf8, then to QString
>> Moreover, since 6.0, the locale character set on Unix systems
> this is a windows system
> -dave

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