Currently, it is not possible to request a specific format for QAudioDecoder. 
We plan to support this after 6.2.

QAudioDecoder now decodes to the native format used in the encoded file. That 
is, it will output in the same channel count, 
sample rate, sample format (the bits per sample information is sometimes 
irrelevant for compressed formats and therefore 
will be 0 or not known. In that case, the output format will default to 16bit 
signed int) as the original file.

QAudioBuffer, returned by QAudioDecoder::read(), will have the correct output 
format set and can be retrieved through 


´╗┐On 8.8.21, 3:46 AM, "David M. Cotter" <d...@kjams.com> wrote:

    You can still specify the channel count, sample rate, and the sample format

    where and how does one do this for QAudioDecoder?

    or does QAudioDecoder only always output one specific format? what is the 
format? 44100 hz, 16bit signed int, stereo? or what?

    i see no documentation that explains this, nor is there anything in the 
header indicating it is possible to request a specific format


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