Sorry if I was unclear.
I mean that the decoded audio will have the same sample rate, sample format, 
and channel count as that of the original media. Not codec. QAudioDecoder will 
always output uncompressed PCM data.

If you have an mp3 file of format 32k, 16bit signed int, stereo, QAudioDecoder 
will output PCM data of 32k, 16bit signed int, stereo from it.
If the sample size (bit depth) is not known, often the case for some compressed 
formats like mp3 and aac, the sample format of the decoded audio will default 
to 16bit signed int.

As mentioned, in Qt6 Beta2 there's no way to set a specific format to decode in 
(other than that of the encoded file).


´╗┐On 9.8.21, 4:58 PM, "David M. Cotter" <d...@kjams.com> wrote:

    > QAudioDecoder now decodes to the native format used in the encoded file
    do you mean if the native format is mp3, that i'm going to get mp3 data? if 
so, how is that considered "decoding" ?

    > That is, it will output in the same channel count, sample rate, sample 
format (the bits per sample information is sometimes irrelevant for compressed 
formats and therefore will be 0 or not known.
    i don't get it. i thought the point was to get PCM / raw uncompressed data?

    does Qt6 Beta2 have some facility for "conforming" the output of 
QAudioDecoder to, say, 44.1k, 16bit signed int, Stereo?


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