more specifically, can i create an empty QAudioBuffer in the required format, 
and assign to it the QAudioBuffer that came from QAudioDecoder, and expect it 
to conform to my specified format?



> On Aug 9, 2021, at 12:09 PM, David M. Cotter <> wrote:
>> As mentioned, in Qt6 Beta2 there's no way to set a specific format to decode 
>> in (other than that of the encoded file).
> yes, i got that.
> my audio pipeline expects a very specific format, and can't handle other 
> formats.  the source mp3s come from a random assortment from the user, which 
> i have no control over.
> what i'm asking is if there is a way, in Qt6, AFTER we have PCM data in 
> whatever random format, to conform it to another, specific format?
> is there a QAudioFormatConverter or something?
> if not, honestly, QAudioDecoder is useless.
> -dave

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