Unfortunately both of these solutions (runtime dependencies and static build) 
only solve the staticly bound dynamically loaded DLLs

The runtime wont solve plugins, and the deployment tools for windows a not only 
does the runtime dlls, it also does translations, and other dynamically bound 


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CMake has since version 3.16 an extension for its file command, namely 

I used it for Qt Creator to deploy all dependencies on Windows, Linux, macOS 
from CMake.
As it turns out Qt Creator already had python script for deployment, and the 
CMake only solution got sacked at

It took part of MSVC, or MinGW (both GCC and LLVM flavors) C++ runtime DLLs, 
but that's more on the Windows side.

Alternatively, you can do a static build and forget about deployment issues 🙂


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Is there a Qt supported linuxdeployqt comparable to the windeployqt?

I found the 3rd party version, but the command line args are very different.

Also, is anyone on the Qt side, create a CMake function for this?

Where inside CMake, you could call “DeployQt( <target> )” and it would find all 
the dependencies and create a list of files in cmake etc

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