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On 8/4/22 19:42, Scott Bloom wrote:

> Is there a Qt supported linuxdeployqt comparable to the windeployqt?
> I found the 3^rd party version, but the command line args are very
> different.

Mitch already pointed you to QTBUG-74940.  The biggest question
regarding a linuxdeployqt is: what exactly is the deployment format
going to be?  There's no standard way of deploying Linux applications.
There are many.

The community contributions create AppImage packages.  That seems to be
a reasonable choice.  Other opinions?

It seems to me that how a Qt app is actually packaged/deployed is out-of-scope 
of a linuxdeployqt tool.

It seems macdeployqt actually build bundles, but windeployqt just copy files 
next to the .exe file.
IMHO a linuxdeployqt should just copy files, like windeployqt. Given the number 
of way to package apps under Linux, the actual packaging should be left to 
other tools.



Honestly, I would prefer a different option all together.

I would like to be able to give the tool a shared library or an executable, and 
it returns a JSON stream of data.

Where the data would include any runtime dependencies + any other Qt 
dynamically bound package files with their appropriate directories.

Then the user (or cmake function) could read in the data, and copy or build the 
bundle as necessary.

Having the option to “list” the data vs “copy and build” the bundle/application 
directory would give a very powerful resultant tool

As to “how to package” linux, honestly I would assume it would just copy the 
files into the correct location relative to the executable/shared library sent 

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