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I haven?t been following the 6.x progress very much.  Only because it was clear 
6.0 and 6.1 were not ready to replace all the functionality of 5.x
However, with 6.4 it appears that all functionality that is going to be brought forward, has been completed. Is that true? Or is there sill chunks of 5.x missing (that will be brought forward) ? Scott

Hello Scott,

I feel compelled to point out only developers creating Qt responded with "Good to Go!". In particular the sticky wicket would be this quote

"and that we still want to bring back in some form"

Qt 6 has become the rental car company definition of "full sized" which now fits in the trunk of what most customers would call "full sized." They mentioned QtLocation and Bill Jones brought up

"Another missing module in Qt 6.x that is very important to desktop applications is clipboard support."

I don't know how anyone could create a desktop application without any form of clipboard support since users like to select from text file and paste answers into fields, especially if they are scraping answers out of an email or something like that.

You should probably also check here:


Not that it matters to you, but not one of my clients is moving to Qt 6. Legacy products will continue to be maintained with Qt 4.8 custom spins as well as Qt 5.x custom spins but no new development will occur using Qt. That has been the feedback from one and all.

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