On Thu, Oct 27, 2022, at 10:09 AM, Volker Hilsheimer via Interest wrote:
> What makes you think that Qt 6 has no clipboard support? You obviously didn’t 
> bother with opening the referenced JIRA ticket.
> (...)
> Indeed, what your clients do or don’t do would be a lot more interesting if 
> we could assume that they get their information from someone who’s at least 
> trying to keep up ;)

He also said in the other email that he doesn't do Windows or Mac 
development... so go figure what amount of insight he has on the topic of 
desktop application development.

Given that it's a person that:

- Hardly brings anything productive to the conversation, and can be borderline 
- Is incapable of using an email client that sends replies to the mailing list, 
instead of sending new messages, making all his messages much more prominent 
than needed, because it's like starting tons of new threads.
- Has already a history of being toxic to the community, being pretty much 
directly responsible of at least an important community member leaving the list.

I would humbly bring up the topic of some moderator action.

I don't know if the previous mess that he caused ended up with a "soft ban" for 
some months, or that did not happen. I'm not saying that a ban is deserved now, 
but some kind of warning, maybe.

Let me add that I can say that my interest in the, ahem, Interest mailing list 
has declined. This mailing list used to be incredibly useful, and much more 
active. Now, not so much, and interactions with certain people make it even 
worse. Seeing all this improductive posts makes me wonder if I should even 
unsubscribe to avoid getting frustrated each time I peek at the topics.

My 2 grumpy cents.
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