>From the manual.
Look down in this "cut and paste"  from the manual where it talks about 
Scheduled times.  

Configure Notifier Window Reference
Enter a name in the Name box. The name can be any can be any descriptive text
Tip: If the notifier is active only at certain times of the day or week, you 
may want
to include a description of the time period as well. For example, you could 
names like "Weekend Pager" and "Second Shift Pager" to notifiers that had those
time schedules.
Notifier Type
>From the Configure Notifier window's Notifier Type dropdown menu, choose a
notifier type. For more information, see Notifier Types (Pg 125) at the top of 
Scheduled Hours
Select a range of hours during which this notification should be sent.
l Active hours are shown in gray.
l Inactive hours are shown in white.
To set a range of hours:
l Click and drag across a range of hours.
l Click and drag across all blocks to invert the selection.
To add or remove hours from the schedule:
l Click an individual cell to make it active or inactive.
To activate or deactivate all hours in the schedule:
l Double-click the Active Hours legend to activate all hours in the schedule.
l Double-click the Inactive Hours legend to de-activate all hours in the 

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