Joe_M wrote:
> I don't have access to the server settings right now, but this is a server 
> setting, it has nothing to do with a person. What made you think that the 
> server settings would be about a person? As far as I know, they are about 
> server only. This is how the notifiers will work for everyone, as a server 
> setting that modifies how notifiers work. You can configure more than one 
> notifier, and put different properties on each. This would be about a person, 
> or persons in a group when you configure that particular notifier. The times 
> are all about server settings.i  If I am wrong, I would sugges that you read 
> through the manual, and if you find a gap in features, and you know of one 
> that would be useful to many, send it as a suggestion and it may show up in a 
> future release.

You configure a notifier, and that notifier has a time range, what I`m trying 
to do is for the same notifiers have a specific device get ignored notification 
at a specific time range....

Let me give an example:

The database maintenance is run on device A I have 20 notifiers from that 
device A and other 100 device, they all have to receive notification from this 
devices at all times. I want to put an exception for device  A not to notify 
every notifiers at 6:40-6:45,

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