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> FWIW, I'd like to see option 2 only because of custom serializers
> and/or object proxies and also because:
> > This RFC proposes that accessing an undefined property is rendered
> illegal behaviour
> StdClass has *no* defined properties and thus would always throw. But
> I also guess it depends on what you define "undefined" as. Does simply
> doing $obj->prop "define" the property "prop"?

The RFC doesn't change the current meaning of "undefined" (or "defined", or
"declared"...), just proposes to throw an Error (while it currently
triggers an E_WARNING).
First sentence of the introduction: "Undefined properties are those that
have not yet been defined either by the presence of a property declaration,
or by adding them to the properties hashmap through direct assignment, or
by having them assigned by an internal function such as json_decode."
`$obj->prop` alone doesn't define the property "prop", but `$obj->prop =
whatever` does.


Guilliam Xavier

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