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> Internals,
> Part 2 of the undefined behaviour improvements, this time focusing on
> properties.
> https://wiki.php.net/rfc/undefined_property_error_promotion
> This RFC draws heavily from the just passed undefined variables error
> promotion RFC, and is intended to compliment both it, and the 8.2
> Deprecate Dynamic Properties RFC.
> The arguments in favour are the same as the last one, reading things
> which don't exist will often lead to the program entering an unintended
> state, and is likely the result of a programming error.
> There is a difference though that we do explicitly provide an object
> that is designed to be dynamic, and that is stdClass which is the
> typical output from json_decode and array to object casts.
> I would expect we might want to discuss special-casing the accessing of
> properties on stdClass and leave them as a warning.
> However, I personally think that for the sake of consistency we should
> make undefined properties throw across the board, including stdClass.
> We already have fully backwards compatible mechanisms built into the
> language (isset, empty, null coalesce, property_exists) to safely handle
> cases of the property not being defined, even on objects that do not
> have a fixed structure.
> I was originally going to include a section for discussion about
> potentially using AllowDynamicProperties to pull double duty, allowing
> reads without an error as well, but I do not believe that would be in
> the best interests of the language, and so removed it.
> Mark Randall

Perhaps worth mentioning that magic methods keep working?

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