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> > $foo[?'maynotexist'] // returns null and emits no warning
> In JS we have some like:
> foo['maynotexist']
> foo?.['maynotexist']
> In PHP could be:
> $foo['maynotexist']
> $foo?->['maynotexist']

You seem to be confusing two different things (in short, ?-> vs ->?):

  1. In PHP *too* we *already* have "*nullsafe* property access"
$objectThatMayBeNull?->property (but no "nullsafe array access"
$arrayThatMayBeNull?['key'], see
https://wiki.php.net/rfc/nullsafe_operator#future_scope) since PHP 8.0 (see
https://www.php.net/manual/en/migration80.new-features.php etc.)
  2. What may be proposed (in another RFC) is something like
$object->?propertyThatMayNotExist and/or $array[?'keyThatMayNotExist']
(call it e.g. "*lenient* property/array access"?) (JS is lenient by default)

But let's not deviate further.


Guilliam Xavier

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