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>I hope that I don't sound elitist, but codebases not using static
>analysis... are kind of hopeless... 

Then I guess we should just pack up and go home, because right now PHP doesn't 
even have an official static analyser, let alone a mandatory one; and the 
evolution of Hack shows just how much the language would need to change for 
such a tool to guarantee full coverage.

The needs of new users being introduced to best practices are different from 
those maintaining and modernising existing codebases. Sometimes, they're in 
direct opposition, but I think we have a duty to try to support both where we 

> The purpose is to have the "correct" return type. Is it worth it? Well, it 
> home
> depends... For me, what's important is that PHP becomes a more and
> more predictable and accessible language, and I care less about minimizing
> backward compatibility breaks.

I think Claude is taking the same premise, and reaching a  different 
conclusion: returning true is consistent with the other methods on the class, 
and that consistency makes it more predictable and more accessible. 

Rowan Tommins

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