On 27-4-2023 23:28, Máté Kocsis wrote:
Hi Internals,

As you have possibly already experienced, overloaded signatures cause
various smaller and bigger issues, while the concept is not natively
supported by PHP. That's why I drafted an RFC which intends to phase out
the majority of overloaded function/method signatures and also forbid
the introduction of such functions in the future:

I'm not sure at all what the best solution would be to get rid of the
overloaded FFI methods, so I hope that someone comes up with a better idea.
Currently, the RFC suggests deprecating and then removing the static
methods in question, but I hope that we can find a more elegant approach.
So this section is incomplete and it's just for starting the discussion.


The impact analysis on userland code seems to be missing for some of the proposals, most notably for the proposals which I expect will have the highest impact. I'd like to ask for an impact analysis to be added to each of these:
* array_keys()
* ReflectionProperty::setValue()

For the `get*_class()` deprecation, I wonder if an additional impact analysis is needed for packages which may not have removed usages of `get_class( null )`, which would now be double-impacted (and not caught by the current analysis).


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