Hi Juliette,

Respectfully though, in my opinion selectively leaving out impact analysis
> without mentioning why they are missing in the RFC, reeks of trying to hide
> information which could influence the vote.
> Maybe just mentioning why the impact analysis is missing in these cases in
> the RFC could take that stench away ?

I respectfully disagree that it would affect the vote result, but I added
the clarification you suggested nevertheless. :) Doing so resulted in a
very nice side-effect: I noticed that the array_keys_search() function name
is slightly inconsistent/misleading, since what it really does is to filter
keys based on their *value* (thus the $filter_value param name). So I
renamed it to array_keys_filter() as well as came up with
a new suggested replacement which is compatible with at least PHP 4: using
the combination of array_keys() and array_filter() retains the original
behavior (example is added to the RFC). I know
that it's less than ideal performance-wise, but it works anyway (and not
all code is performance sensitive).


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