PLEASE, let the dead horse be!


Glen wrote:
Right, but at the moment something like:


.. works. i.e. no whitespace after the opening tag.

Changing this would most likely break a fair amount of code.


Evert | Filemobile wrote:
On 13-Apr-09, at 4:06 PM, Stanislav Malyshev wrote:


Thats because with short_open_tags on, you need to use:
<?php echo('<?xml ... ?>'); ?>
It's a pretty small use case (that's a problem only if you have xml
documents which has to have php code which has to be inlined) and as
you see, can be easily handled. I think that should not make whole
very useful syntax deprecated.
I think the parser should look ahead and check for something like :


(either <?php or <? + linebreaks/whitespace).


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