On 12/01/10 12:21, Lester Caine wrote:
> Dave Ingram wrote:
>>>> git archive cranks out a single file representing any commit in the
>>>> repository, it can even format the archive w/ zip for the windows
>>>> folks ;)
>>> YES but without any header updates to the files.
>>> Once unzipped you have no idea what version a file is, and that IS
>>> causing problems in the field. If you can replace the whole package of
>>> code, then it may not be a problem, but well structured pakcaged
>>> systems really need a little help when people can THEN mix and match.
>> I can't speak for other DVCS systems, but you could use a git "smudge
>> filter" to add any sort of source-control headers if you really, really
>> want to:
>> http://chillibear.org/2010/04/git-and-cvs-like-keyword-expansion-idents.html
> Now that is one I have not seen, but outlines the reasons for wanting
> it nicely. It does highlight another part of this jigsaw ... need ruby
> running as well as python and php ;)
You don't have to write the filter in Ruby -- that was just his choice.
You could use shellscript, PHP, or even C if you really wanted.


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