I realise that at least for now, PHP is sticking with SVN. No problems.

However...I find it much easier to work in Mercurial to put together
patches, find bugs, etc.. And in fact, I find SVN really awkward--I was
on the verge of switching back to CVS when DVCSes such as Mercurial and
Git became popular. I would put in a vote for Mercurial if PHP decides
to move to a DVCS. Mercurial is more similar to CVS/SVN in its command
set than other DVCSes, is easy and friendly to use, generally does what
you would expect, makes it pretty hard to shoot yourself in the foot,
and includes good Windows support. Operating with the Mozilla and Vim
Mercurial repositories is a lovely experience, and I'd love to add PHP
to the list of projects I follow this way.

However, pushing the team towards a DVCS is not what I'm writing for.
Certainly not to push for a particular one.

I'd just like to be able to use my tool of choice (Mercurial) locally.
Would it be possible to set up a Mercurial mirror of the SVN repo on,
say, bitbucket.org, so I could pull from there? Alternatively, I can
access a git repo somewhere like github.com (I found
https://github.com/php/php-src but the last activity seems to be about 9
months ago--is it dead? are there any plans to revive it?). Of course,
as a last resort, I could just access SVN using Mercurial. However, it
may result in a lower server load if PHP can provide a mirror somewhere,
updated by a commit hook or daily cron job or something, rather than me
(and potentially many others, as DVCSes become even more popular)
accessing SVN directly.

Any possibility? (I'm happy to help, if I can be given appropriate
access to resources to do so.)


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