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> dukeofgaming wrote:
>>    hggit + Mercurial Eclipse + Eclipse means I could not care less what
>>    the target is EXCEPT that one can't write a project that is JUST the
>>    set of sub-modules that you want to pull together. IDEALLY - both
>>    GIT and HG would just pull stuff from which ever is providing a
>>    particular library? So say Smarty could be on one while ADOdb is on
>>    the other ... The core PHP code does not need to be so distributed,
>>    but being able to pull PECL modules from a number of sources to add
>>    to a core clone of the code could be useful?
>> Perhaps, it would depend how teams are structured, but even it was a
>> single repository for everything I think stuff would work fine.
>> My opinion is that the reason behind sub-repositories is to include code
>> from vendors, not that much to modularize development of a single big
>> project, why?, because of the distributed nature of a DVCS: imagine that
>> there is a PECL team, and that team makes a fork of the main PHP
>> repository, and they focus on that "fork" (every separate repository can
>> be regarded as a fork) and they handle all their work integration, and
>> then someone (after an ammount of work is done) pulls back from the main
>> repo (the one where last integrations are agreed to be added, "central"
>> if you must call it that) to ensure everything still runs ok, and then
>> ask to the final integrator to pull and merge their work: done.
> I think this is the MAIN problem with DVCS currently ...
> Most of the 'big guns' that are pushing git are ONLY working on a single
> repository with a single set of code ( although GNOME and KDE should
> probably be 'subrepos' of the linux core project? ). The core PHP code can
> probably be handled as a single repo, but then you have to clone everything,
> including all extensions, while just being able to pick and choose would be
> nice.

True, that would be a very big clone.

>  Oh, and HG supports svn and git as subrepos now.
> It is coming along ... I'm currently following a discussion on getting this
> working properly on the mercurial list ... just which directory path should
> you be using to link things together ...
I know it will be a while until any choice of DVCS is adopted by PHP, but
I'll be creating an RFC as soon as I can edit the wiki (I can edit the rfc
namespace but cannot edit the rfc page itself to add the entry) so that we
can start making note of the current challenges and choices.



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