All Internal classes, implementing Countable still doesn't accept this
optional parameter.


        Method [ <internal:SPL, prototype Countable> public method count ] {

          - Parameters [0] {

Indeed, all Spl classes still use zend_parse_parameters_none().
This work, because  count($a) doesn't use the method, but the
count_elements handler.

If a internal class doesn't implement the handler, it will be hit by
this change.

Both solution "should" fix this:
- adding the count_elements handler
- accepting the optional mode

But, Reflection still not correct, and count($a) still raise the

Warning: Imagick::count() expects exactly 0 parameters, 1 given in
/work/GIT/imagick/tests/021-countable.phpt on line 19

I think this is not consistent (internal vs userland)


P.S. discovered on imagick

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