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> On 23/07/2014 13:01, Dan Ackroyd wrote:
> > Regarding the change in behaviour, I think the patch
> >
> https://bugs.php.net/patch-display.php?bug=67064&patch=bug67064-BC&revision=1402667581
> > should definitely be applied.
> >
> > Currently the engine is doing magic stuff by modifying the parameters
> > that are passed to the function. i.e. you call count() with no
> > parameters and it arrives at the function with parameters. \o/
> >
> > Even if that wasn't a BC break, having magic behaviour in a language
> > is very, very bad.
> I agree, that's why I wrote the tiny patch in the first place ;)
> IMHO, the functionality as it is now breaks the principle of least
> surprise.
Bob, what's your opinion on this?
You also had a conversation with Remi on irc, but I don't remember what was
the decision if any.
The PR from Remi for imagick to support 5.6 doesn't seem so bad (as in:
doesn't require too big of a change from the extension's part), but we also
have a couple of classes implementing the countable interface in core:
Whats the current plan? Removing the internal BC break, or keeping it and
accomodating the affected parts in php-src?

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