Hi Davey and all,

I was planning to fix session_start() behaviors by PHP 7.1, but I
forgot to do this completely. Partial fix is merged currently.

Following PR makes session_start() return FALSE when it cannot start
session always.


In short, this patch fixes number of session_start()'s insane behaviors.

Original session_start() is designed to continue execution as much as
it can. This design caused a lot of issues including number of crash
bugs. We've removed most issues caused by this design, but
session_start() behaves insane way. e.g. Return TRUE and initializes
$_SESSION array for useless session, improper error messages, memory
leak, etc. (Please verify phpt changes how this patch makes
session_start() behave sane way)

This fix may change app behavior. However, it changes behavior only
when there is useless session which is fatal anyway. Therefore, it
could be applied to PHP 7.1. IMO.

What do you think?


P.S. Sorry for late important bug fix.

Yasuo Ohgaki

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