> I pushed patch fixes number of nonsense/inconsistent session function
> behaviors. The additional patch is pushed so that it's easy to cherry
> pick minimum fixes. The last push is the additional fixes.

These changes look like a reasonable cleanup. I'm not a big fan of
zend_parse_parameters_none additions, since I don't see any useful
function for them, but they don't hurt either. I left some notes on the
patch though, please look there.

I'm not sure about 7.1 - while I don't see anything that would break any
reasonable code, except issues noted on the pull, the patch is pretty
big and I might have missed something. I guess it's for RM to decide. No
objection for 7.2.

I notice that most test changes deal with scenarios that were covered
before, are there tests that test the new things - the scenarios for
which handling has changed? I couldn't find tests for some cases, like
INI modification, would be nice to add them.

Also, a reminder that you'd have to update all the documentation in the
manual to reflect the change in the return values. And UPGRADING too.
Stas Malyshev

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