Hi All.

Looks like there should be someone that looks after the email-stuff.

I hate "should" and "someone" so I'm stepping up to volunteer to handle
that. Either alone or together with someone else (which would be my
preffered solution!)

Up to know I have set up and managed some very low volume mail-servers
mainly for sending or relaying to different mail-addresses but I'm
willing to learn. So should one of the current (or past) maintainers be
willing to help me with questions I'm sure I can handle that.

So who's the right person/group to address and - in case it's wnated
that I do that - provide me with insight (and credentials)?



Am 01.12.16 um 15:40 schrieb Eli:
> Stas ... I think this falls under the whole "no-one really knows who
> handles the mailing stuff".
> I myself have an issue that 'randomly' my emails will be bounced for an
> incorrect blacklist error.  And there doesn't seem to be anyone who can
> get in there and fix stuff since Wez stopped managing the email
> servers.  They are kinda 'running on their own without anyone knowing
> how they are running'.
> Eli
> On 11/27/16 5:44 PM, Stanislav Malyshev wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Is there somebody around who knows what happens with configuration of
>> mailer in php.net domain? I get my mails sent to @php.net addresses
>> bouncing for months now, I get this every time I try it:
>> 550 5.7.1 Please change the topic, and retry
>> Needless to say, it's useless to have @php.net mailing addresses if
>> nobody can actually mail anything there. And so far all my emails about
>> this remain unanswered. Do we have no maintenance on our mail server at
>> all?
>> We once has systems list at https://wiki.php.net/systems but that seems
>> to be last updated a year ago and php-smtp2 is not even there.
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