On Thu, 1 Dec 2016, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:

> The problem here is that it is not a standard mail setup so finding online
> resources is tricky. It is Ecelerity from MessageSystems. I have been
> poking the config trying to find where this subject keyword thing is
> defined, but so far no luck. In the short term I think we need someone who
> knows Ecelerity to help with this specific problem, but if you would like
> to read up on it and be the mail server guy, that would be awesome and
> perhaps you could help transition to a more standard setup that we have a
> chance of maintaining. Or if not that, at least write up some dumbed down
> docs on how this beast works.

I think it's time to retire Ecelerity. Nobody knows how it works. if 
It'd be postfix, I would likely have checked one of these ghost mail 
reports out...


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