On 12 February 2018 05:50:56 GMT+00:00, Pedro Lacerda <pslace...@gmail.com> 
>Besides testing, may or may not be valuable expose a `__STRICT_TYPES__`

I think adding this to the language would be very controversial, because it 
opens up the ability to undermine the "caller decides" concept of the two 
scalar type modes. People on this list have openly said that they would like to 
force users to call their library from strict mode, and others (myself 
included) would rather that wasn't possible. On the other hand, there were a 
handful of cases suggested where such an indicator would be useful to *emulate* 
the two modes in functions with more complex signatures.

For testing purposes, it would presumably be enough for run-tests.php itself to 
expose whether the strict types override was in effect, which would sidestep 
the wider issue.


Rowan Collins

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