So, I woke up this morning and looked at my calendar, and I realized
we're less than two months away from a timely release of 7.3.0-alpha1.
This is somewhat awkward as we currently lack named Release Managers
for the 7.3 branch.

As usual, the role calls for two suckers^W volunteers to take on this
task. Whomsoever is elected will be guided and helped by Remi and I,
as well as previous RMs and the excellent documentation in

Candidates should have a reasonable knowledge of internals (without
necessarily being a C guru), be confident about merging pull requests
without breaking backward compatibility, doing triage for bugs,
liaising with previous release managers, and generally getting the
branch in good shape, as these are among the activities you will be
undertaking as release manager.

Please put your name forward here if you wish to be considered a candidate.
An initial todo page has been added to the wiki and contains
provisional dates for GA and pre-releases.


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