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> > My logic is quite simple:
> > 1.  Something as big as Typed Properties shouldn't be a last minute,
> rushed
> > RFC.  Really - any RFC shouldn't - but in particular major language
> changes.
> I have seen this sentiment expressed elsewhere. I want to personally
> affirm that Nikita and Bob have been working hard on this for a long
> time. This is not a last minute change being rushed. They have been
> quite thorough and have discovered and fixed many edge cases that I
> suspect other authors would not have found or would have ignored. Yes,
> it is being voted on in the narrow gap between first alphas and
> feature freeze but that does not mean it is rushed.

Ack, and it is such a massive improvement that pushing it back now would
simply delay a very huge jump (forward) in ecosystem quality at large for
more than a year.

Bob and Nikita got it right, they made something well thought out, well
tested, and previously already discussed: give the vote a chance, add a
sub-vote for which version to target, if required.

Marco Pivetta



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