On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 5:44 PM Levi Morrison <le...@php.net> wrote:

> > It is being rushed as far as the RFC process & discussions around it are
> concerned - that's what I meant.
> I do not agree with this either. This has been previously discussed,
> they have given it an ample discussion period, and it seems the only
> reason it's not being voted on is because people don't want them to.

The only time I've heard about this was slightly under 3 weeks ago when
Nikita sent this RFC to internals - where he himself alluded to the fact
that this is "a large and complex proposal that may not be able to make the
deadline".  To be clear, introducing such an RFC for discussion (a large
and complex one) after alphas have been released as opposed to months
before alphas are released constitutes as 'rushed' in my book, and
apparently in the books of others as well.  You don't have to agree of
course as we're all obviously entitled to our own opinions...


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