On 13/08/2019 23:28, Mark Randall wrote:
On 13/08/2019 21:26, Rowan Collins wrote:
Ah, that makes sense. Does that necessarily mean we need a dummy class, though? The autoloading logic in the engine knows that it called the autoload callback expecting a package definition, so can count as success that the package is now defined.

In other words, the file the autoloader included would look like this (again, sticking to the notion that "package" is separate from "namespace"):

Personally with file-level opt ins I'm not 100% sold on the benefits of packages over namespace level information. I guess I'm not certain on what problem they're trying to solve that's different from just another object at namespace level.

The problem they're trying to solve is that at the moment, there is no namespace-level information. Namespaces form an arbitrarily deep hierarchy, and don't need to be declared before they're used; it's hard to retrofit configuration into that. In my mind a package would be very similar to a namespace, but would have a mandatory declaration somewhere, giving a place to define its settings and properties; and there would be no "sub-packages", so no need to define inheritance and over-rides.

As for the dummy class, the only real benefit is that existing autoloading procedures can be used to locate it and be included with minimal overhead.

PHP can call the autoloader internally but it would require userland loaders to be upgraded with it, not exactly a huge stretch, especially with most things being composer-based, but a dummy class would make it work out the box, including optimization steps like dumping the class list.

I see what you mean; but the change needed to autoloaders would be pretty minimal: if they just turn the name into a file path and run file_exists(), no change at all; if they tokenize files in advance to build a class map, they would need to add "packagedef" to the list of tokens to search for, alongside "class", "interface", and "trait". The same change would be needed if we introduced a "struct" or "enum" keyword, and I don't think anyone would expect to write dummy classes alongside those.


Rowan Collins

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