śr., 14 sie 2019 o 11:49 Rowan Collins <rowan.coll...@gmail.com> napisał(a):

> > You suggest that it would trigger autoload to load "MyVendor\MyPackage"
> > but current autoload machinery is able to load only classes,
> > not even functions or consts! cause it gets the only class name now.
> > It would need to be changed anyway.
> As I said in another reply, this is only the same change that needed to
> be made to support "trait" alongside "class" and "interface", or would
> be needed to support "enum" or "struct". The userland part of the
> autoloader already doesn't know which of those it's looking for, so the
> only constraint is that the names can't collide, so you couldn't name a
> package the same thing as a class.
Exactly so how would it know from string name either it should load class
from src/Foo.php or src/__nsmeta.php if there is no information?

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