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> On 14/08/2019 11:07, Michał Brzuchalski wrote:
> > Exactly so how would it know from string name either it should load class
> > from src/Foo.php or src/__nsmeta.php if there is no information?
> It wouldn't. It would include src/Foo.php, and that would have the
> definition of something with the name "Foo" - either a class, an
> interface, a trait, or a package. If it wasn't what the engine was
> expecting, it would be an error, just as it is right now if you write
> "implements ClassName", or "new TraitName();"

Following that would introduce unneeded additional directory hierarchy
level in a usual library
which uses PSR-4 which is the most used one, right?

/src/Foo/ <- all package classes should go here?

regards / pozdrawiam,
Michał Brzuchalski

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