Or you could just have the led driven by a circuit where the led is powered 
with logic low and unpowered logic high. We do this with our pumping 
systems, which power the pump during a system failure. We have a relay 
control the pump, where NC is pump on, and logic high turns the pump off. 
Confuses the heck out of the programmers at times because it is reverse to 
every either relay we use.

On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 12:37:50 AM UTC-5, Ilan Tal wrote:
> Unfortunately I didn't guess this up front, but it seems there is no way 
> to get a persistent output from the output pins.
> What I wanted to do is turn on a LED and have it stay on until there is 
> another command to turn it off.
> It seems that for this to happen the smart phone must have a continuous 
> connection to the ioio.
> When that program loses focus, the connection is broken and all pins go to 
> zero.
> It seems the only way to persist the state is to have the ioio activate 
> external logic.
> Is this the only way or have I missed something?
> Thanks,
> Ilan

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