On 2009-11-17 19:51 -0200, TC wrote:
> _any_ language he/she's used to, which I find a good basement philosophy if 
> you ask me.

Not quite. Such a generic scripting interface inherently has to stick to
the lowest common denominator.. and hence it should really not be the
main extension/scripting interface, I think, but a more simplified 
"command interface".. For more thoughts on this, see


> I'm reluctant to learn yet another language just for the window manager. 

"Baawaawaa, it's not written in My Language Of Choice, so it must be
rewritten." That describes something like 49% of FOSS projects
The other 49% is "baawaawaa, it's not Freeā“”: it doesn't use My 
License of Choice". The remaining 2% may have some originality.

There really is not much to learn in Lua, and if you can't pick up 
a language  "on the go" -- especially as simple one as lua, with 
a very short official reference manual -- you shouldn't be programming
at all. It's not like you need a high level of proficiency for 
scripting. I've written plugins for programs written in perl, ruby,
and python, and I have never taken the time to properly learn them, 
don't really like them (Lua is _much_ better, except for the 
library selection), and would not start a project using them 
myself, unless there was some very compelling reason (library 
availability or such).

> which I find far less versatile and readable than my language of choice. 

Then you haven't even bothered reading the basic description of the
language, and are criticising just because it's not Your Language of

> Again, this may be just a matter of taste, but in any case, I do not feel 
> like messing with lua, and I think it should not be imposed.

It's not imposed. As far as I know, nobody has to use Ion, as it's
a marginal alternative among a gazillion other window managers.
It's not XFascistType, pukedev, Hardware Obstruction Layer (of
the Year) or other core software that the only way to avoid is 
to not use Linux/*nix. Which is exactly what I have done.


> My suggestion? Why not make ion controllable through IPC? maybe a fifo, 
> socket, tcp, whatever, to _let the user choose_ the language to be used.

Why don't you do that?

Actually there is mod_ionflux, that you can use to send Lua code...

> I'm not saying that ion should be redesigned and reimplemented right away 
> either. It will definitely be rewritten from scratch at some point I guess, 
> so why not keep this in mind when the time comes?

Ion is not being developed.  For details on any possible future, see



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