ion-ng, that's all the rage (ng could mean anything really, e.g. Next
Generation, Now Good, Nude Girls, Not Grumpy)

On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 11:21 AM, Alexander Rink <> wrote:
> It seems that most of the recent participants of this mailing list prefer 
> notion as the name for the forking project. But there were other proposals 
> like cation or nion. Should we do an "official" voting (maybe by just by 
> replying to this email with +1 for this or for that) or is the name notion 
> now considered a given?
> Hope that we get the ball rolling after this decision has been 
> will be choosing a project leader (i would vote for Timandahaf) / chief 
> developer (I would vote for M Rawash here), but this should be done in 
> another thread...
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