Excerpts from panman's message of Thu Apr 08 10:25:25 -0400 2010:
> I'd like to suggest that it would be preferable if the word chosen for 
> the new name be easily searchable. That is to say, someone doing a 
> search for "notion howto" or "neon howto" are going to get all kinds of 
> bad results.

This is a good point, but looking around, I'm not so worried about it:

google: notion howto
about 65,100 results

google: neon howto
about 170,000 results

The notion hits don't look like they make a lot of sense; I suspect real
HOWTOs regarding a window manager named notion would sort quickly to the
top of the list.

The neon hits include a hit about the neon library on the first page.
Unlike the commercial software named notion, which is unlikely to cause
a lot of confusion, neon is a library which is likely to be on many
users' systems [I have it as a dependency of openoffice and subversion
for some reason I'd prefer not to theorize about].


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