Hi All,

>From IOTivity perspective I like to know if code is being developed for an CR 
>if it needs to go below the API or should be regarded as application level.
For some things it is pretty obvious but for larger infrastructure items it is 
probably not.
Is there any guidance from IOTIvity perspective?
(if not then see this as an request to make that guidance)

Related to this, I am will be working on application level code, e.g. using the 
IOTivity API.
I like to contribute this code to IOTivity or other open source project.
I will not be maintaining it for long, e.g. if the IOTivity API changes it will 
be broken...
I guess that means that is it should not be in the main tree of IOTivity... 
hence we need an solution to store this kind of code.
Any ideas?

Kind Regards,

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