On 02/22/2018 08:32 AM, Mats Wichmann wrote:

>> Related to this, I am will be working on application level code, e.g. using 
>> the IOTivity API.
>> I like to contribute this code to IOTivity or other open source project.
>> I will not be maintaining it for long, e.g. if the IOTivity API changes it 
>> will be broken...
>> I guess that means that is it should not be in the main tree of IOTivity... 
>> hence we need an solution to store this kind of code.
>> Any ideas?
> We should probably have a "contrib" branch for contributions (unless a
> case can be made that the code should be taken into the long term
> maintenance area).  We need anyway to be testing the ability to build
> applications outside of the tree which builds the stack (partly due to
> what was mentioned above - the environment is too leaky to be building
> examples inside the tree, since "everything is available")

It turns out we already have an (empty) iotivity-contrib that could be
used to drop things into. Just clone it using

git clone ssh://$you...@gerrit.iotivity.org:29418/iotivity-contrib

and then push using

git push origin HEAD:refs-for-master

(at least, I assume that will work, if it's not locked down with some
odd permissions)

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