On 03/01/2018 02:15 PM, Gregg Reynolds wrote:

> This still leaves me wondering if there is an example that shows a
> reasonable use case for CREATE and DELETE.

A resource in the REST space is an abstract thing.  The OCF Core specs
don't say much about this, as they defer to other documents (W3C,
mainly), but when they do they veer away from the abstract nature. From

3.1.23 Resource
represents an Entity modelled and exposed by the Framework

3.1.9 Entity
an aspect of the physical world that is exposed through a Device

The fact that the resources that have been discussed so far do indeed
have a close mapping to physical "things" so create/delete are not as
useful looking, does not mean that will always be the case.

Security related resources are far more abstract, and here it does make
sense to do create/delete. e.g. ACL resources are created and deleted.
Check the security spec where creation and deleting are mentioned a
number of times.

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