scons substitues in the path to the top of the build for '#'. top of build 
means the place the SConstruct was found. the folllowing '/' is unneeded, but 
some project people have preferred it as visually it reminds you # represents a 
path. it's like writing '/tmp//foo' instead of '/tmp/foo'', no difference.

On March 7, 2018 2:07:25 AM MST, "Sun Lifeng 孙立峰 (690)" 
<> wrote:
>Hi, dev,
>Sorry to disturb your work. I have a question while using CTT to test
>my project now.
>1.       With IoT1.3.0 and CTT 1.2.0, in UN-SECURED mode, CTT can find
>the device resource I created.
>2.       With IoT1.3.1 and CTT 1.2.0, in UN-SECURED mode, CTT can not
>find the device resource I created.
>I compared these 2 and find the problem is the different of lib
>While studying the script of IoT, I found one interesting thing that I
>can’t understand, list as below. Sometimes ‘/’ is used and sometimes it
>is not used. Could you help explain why it is?
>              SConscript('#resource/third_party_libs.scons', 'lib_env')
>SConscript('#/resource/third_party_libs.scons', exports={'lib_env':
>The key point is in red color.
>Thanks a lot and waiting for your back.
>Jason Sun

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