do we have a process in place where we agree on ‘requirements’ ?
Why is multi threading a requirement - where does this come from?

So far only reuqirements I have seen in Prag is OCF compliance and as small as 
possible, so that the stack fits in as many devices as possible.
These are strong requirements that we have received by OCF and which we should 
always keep in mind.
…and stack size is the major part why we now have so many companies looking at 
IoTivity Light!


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Hi Christian,
Even though this is not needed by all developer, this is also required.
Required by whom?
To satisfy this requirement, minimal code needs to be added.
I don’t think it take lots of code.
It would set a bad precedent. Pretty soon other vendors would want to do the 
same thing for their particular needs.

What's wrong with creating a library to support this "requirement"?

I'll add that moving a vendor-specific solution into the kernel kills a 
competitive space. You want MT?  Acme Corp. has a solution; so does Bravo Corp. 
They're optimized differently. Let the market decide which is better. Move 
Acme's solution into the official release and you kill that market.

Please do not follow the path of Iotivity. Simple example : the Java API. That 
should never have been a part of core iotivity. I've got a completely different 
Java API in the works. A great many such apis are possible. Coronating just one 
as the official API is not so helpful, imho.


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