I'm trying to do an iperf3 test using a Huawei ME909 wwan modem on a raspberry pi zero w.

I use the command as iperf3 -c -t 3 -p 5201 -B

where is the ip of the server machine and is the ip of the Huawei modem.

With this command, I get a timeout error, but when I ommit the -B part with the ip of the modem, iperf3 uses the wlan0 interface and behaves normally.

I should also mention that I connected the modem with AT commands (AT+COPS, AT^NDISDUP) and when I do a ping over that interface it also behaves as expected, but when I use a package size over 1300 for ping, I also get a timeout error.

I'm quite new to this kind of stuff, so I would appreciate any help!



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