Daniel Toma wrote:
> I have a small question: how can I set the value for "Set in Progress" to
> "complete"? I tried all lan commands, but without any luck.

I'm a newbie at this and I'm not at work so I don't have a system to
test with, but you'll probably need to use raw commands to set the

ipmitool raw 0x0C 1 X 0 1  # in progress
ipmitool lan set X ipaddr
ipmitool raw 0x0C 1 X 0 2  # commit
ipmitool raw 0x0C 1 X 0 0  # complete

Replace the Xs with your you lan channel (1 in this case).

The obvious question is if we could add this to ipmitool, right?
Would that break anyones system if we always set the flags or should I
add like an oem flag or something?

dan carpenter

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