On 10.10.2016 10:14, Harald F. Karlsen wrote:

It seems like Microsoft somehow broke DHCPv6 client functionality in the Windows 10 anniversary update and now neither stateful nor stateless DHCPv6 functionality works unless you manually issue "ipconfig /renew6" (for stateful DHCPv6 this will only give you IPv6-connectivity untill the lease expires).

This is generally not a big issue for dual-stacked residential customers as most CPEs does SLAAC on the LAN-side, but the Win10 clients will not recieve DNS from DHCP if the CPE is configured for that. For enterprise networks on the other hand this can be a big issue. Especially when running FHS and no SLAAC.

Have anyone on the list experienced issues with this yet? If so, have you contacted Microsoft and what did they say? I've found reports on this issue dating back from early august so it's strange that Microsoft have not yet issued a fix for it.

If looks like this was finally resolved in the 2017 March cumulative update for Windows. I have verified it on Windows 10 Home and Pro, but I also got one report claiming it was not resolved in Windows 10 Enterprise, can someone confirm this?


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