Whereas yesterday was a frenzy of information overload after starting a
stellar session late, todays earlier rising and calmer conditions were a,
*ahem*, welcome relief from yesterdays hyper enhanced madness (well
documented in a couple of YouTube videos on my "channel".

Starting at the bottom of the dial this AM at around 1305 UTC and working

576 AUS 2RN (t) likely the bouncy pop music and cheerful EE chatter at 1324U

585 Various - Jumble of stuff happening here but no winners - 1325U

594 JAPAN JOAK Tokyo - one of the more consistent signals of the dawn
session with typical JJ OM/YL commentary 1304 -> sunrise

603 KOREA KBS2 Seoul - most reliable low band Korean often // to 558 but
the latter was a no show this AM - often all alone after 600 and 610 are
long    gone.         1310U -> sunrise

612 Australia 4QR Brisbane - best low-band Aussie day after day often
getting a nice sunrise boost - like today - most audible 1310 -> 1340

621 UNID - YL likely in Korean - no where near as good as yesterday morning
- 1310U

639 UNID - A combination of local electronic buzz and a jumble - but always
there this AM

657 DPRK - assume the KK chatter this AM at threshold - also a shadow of
what it was yesterday 1311U

666 JAPAN - JOBK - Osaka - peaking late with JJ OM around 1340U

675 New Zealand - RNZ National - was sure I heard Vietnamese hear around
1340 but by 1350 it was all jaunty EE patter - https://youtu.be/3UrPdsk60hQ

702 A couple of things struggling in the immense splatter this AM - maybe
EE, likely DU - but just not enough.

747 JAPAN JOIB Hokkaido - owned this channel from 1305 -> 1355 when it
faded or I left. Likely longer with language lessons

756 New Zealand (t) RNZ - assuming the jaunty big band kind of music and
word here and there. 1326 U

774 JAPAN JOUB Akita - complete ownership of this channel from 1305 through
1355 switch off (of the radio) occasional hints of EE underneath - but this
Sumo powerhouse held forth and easily brushed aside challengers.
https://youtu.be/Y7lUhjpYZVw - yesterday on DX150B

792 AUSTRALIA 4RN Brisbane - likely the jaunty music and lively EE chatter
- 1313 U

819 DPRK Unlike yesterday ( https://youtu.be/Ac8Sjldgu70 ) this AM was
little more than a bee buzzing against 820 domestic. 1315 U

828 JAPAN JOBB Osaka - holding the channel the entire morning with Language

RECEIVERS - DRAKE R8 / AOR 7030+ / DX150B / NHP Fishbarrel Spotter /
ANTENNAS - FLG100 W/NW Flag with VACTROL // ALA100 Wellbrook (N-S)

Colin Newell - Editor and creator *of *Coffeecrew.com
<http://www.Coffeecrew.com> and DXer.ca <http://www.DXer.ca> -
VA7WWV | Twitter @CoffeeCrew | Victoria - Canada
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