Yesterday was a pretty amazing Trans-Pacific session that I stumbled into
late in the game - like arriving at an office party an hour late and the
other revellers are well into the celebration. Today was more sedate,
perhaps more "normal" for this time of the year, and I had more time to
flesh out some of the action channel by channel.

Mid-band observations:

846 Khz UNID 1327 YL in lang - a myriad of possibilities but nothing
definitive -

855 Khz Various - this channel is usually a mess of off frequency stations
with almost no one ever rising to the surface - today it was like a
graveyard channel with growls and hets - An interesting channel to sit on
but rarely very productive.

864, 873, 882 - Good carriers / near audio in a clutch of channels beset by
TV buzz and/or off frequency operators.Yesterday Japan was in charge on 873
- today nobody in particular.

891 Khz Various - when in Kona, Thailand holds this channel like an NHL
goaltender - yesterday there was some good audio here / not so much today -
so just noticed low levels of intelligence today. From yesterday -

918 Khz UNID - noted in what I thought was English at 1332 -- no idea

954 Khz Japan - JOKR - 1347 UTC in the clear with JJ YL.

972 Khz Korea KBS HLCA - at medium levels - relative to yesterday as
MASSIVE levels. 1330U

1017 Khz Japan JOLB Fukuoka - 1329 UTC - with typical JJ OM/YL (way better
yesterday morning )

1053 Khz Korea JAMMER - at absurd levels for most of the session 1307 -->
1355U - Occasionally some JJ and then
some KK would rise to the surface -- but rarely more than a minute at a
time before the Jam would return

1098 Khz Marshall Islands - brilliant open-carrier between 1310 rising in
strength through sunrise.

1116 Khz 4BC Brisbane - lively EE chatter appearing at various times
between 1320 and 1356 UTC

1242 Khz JAPAN JOLF - in most of the time between 1320 and 1350 at good
levels in JJ

1287 Khz JAPAN JOHN Hokkaido - 1320 JJ OM

1323 Khz UNID - assume China with pop music at 1322

1386 Khz UNID - noted music in a quick pass at fair levels

1422 Khz UNID -  "   "   "   "   "  "

1566 Khz HLAZ - at good levels - a tad hotter yesterday - 1323 UTC

1575 Khz VOA Thailand - actually besting 1566 in terms of clarity and
signal strength - 1325

Today was predominantly Low and Mid-band favoured -- less stressful than
yesterday - and less heard.

RECEIVERS - Drake R8 / AOR 7030+ / DX150B /  NHP FishBarrel spotter

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