Interesting results Craig. It sounds as if the FLG-100LN isn't functioning properly. (first thought...power supply?)

When you say "outperformed" was it in raw gain, signal to noise or ?

I'm not familiar with either the KB-5 or QB-18I. Are these no longer in production?

best wishes,


At 14:17 17-09-16, you wrote:
I did some testing with transformers on my wnw Conti super loop this morning. Between an FLG 100ln, a KB-5 MW/LW balun and an Erickson QB-18I. Interestingly the KB-5 and QB-18I consistently outperformed the FLG-100ln on the loop, with and without the use of the DX Engineering RPA-1 preamp. The ALA 1530ln held it's own. I used JOUB and 1566(presumed HLAZ) as the test frequencies. The test was limited to challenging TP DX targets for the Midwest.

Nick Hall-Patch
Victoria, BC
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