This signal is usually in the clear for me - so tomorrow morning it is
going to get some extra special scrutiny!

I find this whole jamming phenomenon fascinating - kind of like walking up
to someone on the street when you don't like what they are
saying and going "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA..." as loud as you can.


Anyway -- going to give it a look.

On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 3:47 PM, <> wrote:

> Nick and Bruce,
> Thanks for your comments on the 1566 signal.
> Nick, I also noted the nosedive in HLAZ's signal after 1300, along with
> the mystery interference. The high band Asians in general tapered off after
> 1300 here, with weaker signals on 1575 and 1593 also fizzling out. As for
> the interference, I'm sure that it will be a primary focus of attention in
> searches tomorrow morning, both here and elsewhere.
> Bruce, I also occasionally have electrical noise here affecting the high
> band, but the pulse-type 700 Hz tone every 2 seconds on HLAZ's signal
> sounded completely different than either electrical noise or 1560 splatter
> (which always has a harsh crashing sound, with higher frequency audio). The
> interference noise sounds almost high fidelity, in comparison to either of
> those sounds.
> 73, Gary

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